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1. Rochdale Training believes that all teaching and/or assessment staff should be involved in a continuing process of occupational development relevant to their area(s) of teaching and/or assessment.

2. We believe that a carefully planned programme of CPD improves standards, raises morale, and provides a teaching-to-distinction ethos.

3. All those involved in teaching and/or assessment shall have an entitlement to equality of access to continuous professional development.

4. Opportunities for development will be identified during staff appraisals.

5. The focus of CPD will be on improving standards in all areas and the quality of teaching and learning. It enables staff to learn or refresh their industrial skills relevant to their area(s) of teaching and/or assessment. Rochdale Training will ensure that mechanisms are in place to disseminate good practice in CPD that supports and improves teaching for learning through standardisation activity.

6. All forms of occupational CPD will be based on the following principles:

a. All staff should be encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes to enhance their professional work.

b. All staff will have regular opportunities to discuss their development needs and professional aspirations.

c. All staff have a responsibility to participate in Rochdale Training’s focused CPD and personal career development.

7. We will use a range of providers/employers of provision and endeavour to source the provision of CPD according to the best value. Quality Assurance mechanisms ensure that we access provision of a consistently high standard.


For the full policy document, please download below:

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