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If you are 16-19 you may be eligible for support to help cover the costs of attending your course. This could be travel if you live outside the GM area, essential equipment, books etc.

Please Note: the funds are limited and therefore NO GUARANTEE of funding can be made.

You must be enrolled on the Future Apprenticeship Foundation (Study Programme) and your attendance is 90% or above and the total household income is less than £30,000 per annum.

You are NOT ELIGIBLE for financial help if you are enrolled on an Apprenticeship funded Standard.


Household income will be calculated using the following evidence:

  • Universal Credit Income – you must provide the full statement this will include any payments you are entitled to as well as any deductions. Please provide the next 2 months so you have a total of 3 months.
  • Tax Credits – working tax and child tax credits – all pages of the 2023/24 award notice are required.
  • Earnings / Wage – 3 most recent pay slips, P60, self-employed end-of-year business accounts.
  • Job Seekers Allowance/Employment support etc. We require a letter dated within the last 6 months of the date of the application showing the amount of benefit received.

If you have not provided enough evidence to support your application, you will be asked to provide further evidence of income by supplying 3-month bank statements.

Vulnerable Young Person Bursary – you are eligible to apply if you are:

  • In Care
  • Care Leaver
  • Receiving income support or Universal Credit because you are financially supporting yourselves and or someone who is dependent on you and living with you.
  • Receiving disability living allowance (DLA), and personal independence payment (PIP) in your own name.


You are required to provide evidence of your claim and financial income so your need can be assessed.

If you have a financial need related to your course and are unsure if you are eligible for support, please speak to either your Tutor or the Finance Manager.



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