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The Home of Apprenticeships

Our core purpose is to promote and advance learning to help create a fairer society. 

This same goal has inspired our people for more than 170 years, and we’re now taking up this cause with fresh energy.   

We’re serious about changing education for the better, backed by a promise to support the delivery of the highest possible quality learning experiences for our learners – our ultimate beneficiaries.  

For colleagues at NCFE, our purpose is one of our greatest motivations. Employees not only make a positive social impact – influencing the lives of thousands of learners – their contributions affect what people learn, and the way that learning is developed and delivered. 

We believe that through shaping smarter learning, we can help to build a fairer society, create opportunities to progress and ensure no learner is left behind, regardless of their status or background. This means helping more individuals to realise their true potential – in turn, establishing more sustainable communities. 

Every learning journey starts from a single point – an idea, a question, or a moment of need. Whatever their starting point, however ambitious or modest their goals, our purpose means we are committed to ensuring learners have the opportunity, means and motivation to fulfil their potential through the power of learning.