Traineeship Case Studies

7th Jan 2021

Name: Ali Hussain

Company: Daleways

Job Title: Customer Service Apprentice

Apprenticeship: Customer Service Lv2

How did you find the Traineeship Programme?

One of my friends mentioned it and encouraged me to apply. I had no interest in college but this sounded really interesting and a different way of gaining skills.

Why did you choose a Traineeship/Apprenticeship?

I did not want to go to college I wanted to gain work experience and work skills. College was not for me I wanted to get real benefit from on the job experience. I felt this way would be a better way to get me into employment rather than go to college which is all studying but not gaining any real work experience.

What key skills did the Traineeship teach you?  

It has taught me how to adapt to being in the workplace, and what is expected of me. For example, how to deal with people, work skills that are required daily like timekeeping, and how to dress and act. My communication skills have also vastly improved as I can now communication with a wide range of people from all different ages, and backgrounds. I have also learnt how to be confidential and discreet in my role regarding customer accounts.

What is your new job role? 

My new role is customer service. I deal with customers coming in to work and deal with holiday tickets and money transfers. Daily I am communicating with people from all different ages and cultures, offering them advice and help regarding transfers, and how to deal with the various money transfer issues. I also have to be confidential and discreet in my role regarding customer accounts.

Would you recommend an Apprenticeship to someone else?

I have already recommended the traineeship/apprenticeship course to my friends and family, and will continue to do so.

Has Rochdale Training met your expectations so far?  

Rochdale training has helped me so much. It has given me valuable advice and helped build my confidence in regards to being able to get a job.  I have gained valuable work experience as well as practical and communication skills. I also know that I if I ever need them I could contact them at any time for help and advice.


Name: Niall Weldon

Company: NEMA Ltd

Job Title: Mechanical Engineering Apprentice

Apprenticeship: Engineering Technician LV2


How did you find the Pre Apprenticeship programme?

I found out about Rochdale Training through my brother (Connor Weldon) who is currently studying an Engineering Apprenticeship with them. I wanted to go straight into an Apprenticeship when I finished school, however when I came to apply there was a very limited amount of roles due to COVID19. I got into touch with the Recruitment team at Rochdale Training and they advised me about the Pre Apprenticeship programme.

Why did you choosea Traineeship?

My brother has always been a positive influence on me as he really enjoys his career in Mechanical Engineering. I have always had a keen interest in practical learning as I know that it fits the way I prefer to work, rather than in a college setting.

What key skills didthe Traineeship teach you?

Throughout the Traineeship I was taught key skills within the Engineering workshop, along with employability skills that really supported me when applying for the Apprenticeship at NEMA Ltd. The Traineeship also gave me the opportunity to experience the world of work before starting my Apprenticeship. Which gave me a good understanding of what I was signing up for.

What is your new job role?

My new job role is as a Machinist at NEMA Ltd based in Rochdale. NEMA specialise in providing technically innovative bespoke solutions to meet customer specifications in a range of challenging environments. The company covers areas of Engineering such as; motors & actuators, electro-mechanical assemblies, precision machining& spring making.

Would you recommend an Apprenticeship to someone else?

I certainly would. I believe it’s a more enjoyable and motivating way to learn.


Are you interested in Rochdale Training's Pre Apprenticeship programme, give Nathan a call on 01706 631 417 for more info. 

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