Support Worker Positions available in Rochdale and Tameside

17th Jan 2018

Bricklayers! Office Workers! Supermarket workers! Roofers! Sports Coaches! Whatever your back ground - you could become a brilliant Support Worker.

12 Positions available in Rochdale and 31 in Tameside

Rochdale Training is excited to be working in partnership with Job Centre Plus and Alternative Futures Group to provide an exciting FREE opportunity for unemployed individuals.

If you are out of work, the sector-based work academy will provide the following opportunities:

  • Gain recognised qualifications in the health and social care sector
  • opportunity to speak with employers and service users
  • A guaranteed job interview on completion of the course

This is for every single person, whether or not you’ve worked in Health and Social Care or not! If you are unsure of what you want to do next for a job, read this!

First Question, do you just like helping people, making someone’s day and having a job that doesn’t feel like work?

Second Question, when I say do you want to be a support worker, is the first thought in your heard ‘I’ve never done it before, sounds like something I’d be no good at or I have no qualifications’?

If this is the first thing that comes to your head, you’re not alone, we have roughly 2,500 support workers across Alternative Futures Group with well over 2,000 who came to us with no qualifications, no experience and were nervous about ever thinking they’d be good enough. They’re now changing lives and are some of the best skilled Support Workers in the North West. Do you want to be one of them as well; changing lives and getting loads of new skills?

Alternative Futures Group are the North West’s largest Mental Health and Learning Disability Charity, caring for people in our services across the Merseyside area with around 900 support workers busily enabling people to live brilliant lives. Whether that is learning how to cook for the first time, to taking them on holidays or days out to Blackpool, we give them the life they could only think of. As a support worker, so long as you have the heart, drive and compassion to help others, we want you to come work for us. We work across many different areas of Health and Social Care from Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation and Mental Health, to Learning Disabilities and Physical Disabilities which can require personal care.

We are running Sector Based Work Academies which allow you to gain training before you even interview including completing parts of the Care Certificate qualification which means you are super prepared for interview and give you the best chance of success at getting a job with us! Over 80% of job seekers who have attended the Alternative Futures Group SBWAs have been offered employment with us!

We have loads of new vacancies in the Rochdale area due to expansion and with this, we can give you a new career where you will be fully trained in everything in Mental Health and Learning Disabilities and will be matched to a service where the people we support can tap into your interests and hobbies so that both of you really enjoy you working there! Hours can vary from 6 hours to 12 hour shifts and we do ask for all support workers to be flexible as much as possible. Ideally working nights is great but if you definitely can’t work nights, let us know and we can see what talents you have for vacancies which are days. Unfortunately we cannot offer work that fits in with school hours – the people we support are 24/7 and with that in mind, we want them to feel as valued and supported whatever time it is.

We have both part time and full time hours so we want to hear from everyone, lone parents, young people, retired people, etc!

Open Day: Thursday 1st Feb (You are required to be referred by your local job centre advisor)

Please note there will be a basic English/Maths assessment on the information day. This will require candidates to write 100 words why they want to work in Health and Social Care. DBS will be required if job role is offered. 


Course Title

An Introduction to Health & Social Care

Delivery Location/Venue

Rochdale Training, Fishwick Street, Rochdale, OL16 5NA

Training hours per week

   09:30-15:00 Monday –Friday

Start Date

  Monday 5th February

 Contact Mark Whittaker on 01706 631417 or email for further info


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