Funded TIG Welding Courses

13th Sep 2019

Rochdale Training are pleasedto offer employers across Greater Manchester a funded TIG Welding course forexisting employees.

Candidates mustlive in Greater Manchester and be employed. Numbers are limited.

Full Course Description


This course covers starts with TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas).

TIG welding, is an arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld.

To provide delegates with the necessary skills, knowledge and safe working practices to enable them to produce complex welded joints with different materials and in a variety of positions.


Delegates will become familiar with a typical engineering workshop including all aspects of health and safety and fully understand the dangers of operating in a fabrication / welding working department.

They will gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to undertake key welding methods.

Personal Safety

  • Use of protective clothing appropriate to the process to be undertaken i.e. goggles, gloves, aprons etc.
  • Isolation procedures for gas and electrical systems
  • Remedial action in the event of burns
  • Routine inspection of gas pipes and fittings
  • Action in the event electrical cables and equipment


  • Safe setting up and economic operation of welding equipment to include:
  • Connection of power sources to mains socket
  • Connection of secondary cables
  • Connection of gas equipment
  • Care and selection of welding wire or welding rods
  • Checking the system for safe use

Demonstration and explanation of the effects of:

  • Different arc lengths
  • Variation of speeds of travel
  • Different levels of current (amp) settings
  • Effects of filler wire speed settings or welding rods


  • Preparation of the material to be welded
  • Choice of an appropriate technique
  • Methods of minimising distortion and welding difficulties
  • Selection of the appropriate range (where application) and setting of the correct amperage


Demonstration and individual practice of welded joints using various materials and thickness:

  • Tee joint– Horizontal/Vertical
  • Corner joint – Horizontal/Vertical
  • Tee joint – Vertical
  • Single vee butt – Vertical
  • Tee joint –overhead
  • Lap joint – overhead

Start Date

Wednesday 25th September    

Details of any accredited qualifications

available on this programme

The training will include:


Level 2 unit accreditation by EAL awarding body. 

Hours and days of delivery per week:



08:00 – 12:00



25-30 Weeks


 For further information, please contact Mark Whittaker on 01706 631417



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