Manual Handling (Objects) Training

Who is this course aimed at?

Personnel who are involved in moving and handling objects.  It is aimed at reducing the risk to employees of handling related injury through development of an understanding of the effect of manual handling activity and the principles of safe manual handling.

Course Content:

The course training covers the following topics: 
  • Legal obligations to undertake safe manual handling 
  • Understanding the risk assessment process in relation to manual handling operations
  • The effect of incorrect manual handling and excessive manual handling on the body
  • Applying the correct method of handling and moving a load

Aims and Objectives of the course:

On completing this qualification candidates will be able to understand: 
  • The Manual Handling Regulations and specifically including their personal responsibilities. 
  • Causes and prevention of back pain and other musculoskeletal injuries. 
  • Key principles of good body movement and manual handling techniques applicable to their workplace requirements. 
  • Strategies to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries including the use of ergonomics.


Lecture and multiple choice assessment


 ½ Day


Certificate of Manual Handling training

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PPE required: 


Group Maximum:


Price and availability: 

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