Georgia Haigh

Prestige Building Supplies 


I initially went to University at Manchester Met doing Tourism and Management but did not like it and felt it was not right for me.

I spoke to friends who were doing apprenticeships and enjoying what they were doing so I thought it was worth exploring in more detail.


I felt a Business Admin apprenticeship would be beneficial long term as I had done something similar at University.

I applied to Rochdale Training and was given advice and support regarding what company would fit my requirements.


I am enjoying my work and gaining new skills, also learning a lot about business and how the organisation operates, as well as earning while I am learning.


Absolutely! I have done to some of my friends.

It is ideal if you feel University or College is not the right path for you.

Kathleen Roscoe – Management Accountant at Prestige Building Supplies Ltd

“Georgia has settled in well and has integrated into the team ethos and has built up a good working relationship with her colleagues


Kourtney Byrne

Office Manager, In Health, Rochdale

I had no clue at school what I wanted to do, I was very undecided. After completing my A levels at Rochdale 6 form I realised university was not for me.

My sister recognised an apprenticeship that may be suitable for me. I applied to Rochdale Training and Nathan matched me to a position at In Health in the care sector helping people - but no blood involved! After attending the interview I was offered the position straight away. I completed my A levels and started at In Health two days later.  

I started my position training to do Data Inputting on a Business Administration course.  I was constantly proving myself and working hard. I gained more skills and knowledge and progress to a new role as an advisor.   After I completed my level 2 Business Administration role I was moved into a Office Manager position in 2017.  

I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship!   Apprenticeships are an alternative route and they can still be very successful.  More people need to be made aware of Apprenticeships and what is available.  With an Apprenticeship you can get on your chosen path straight away, you can gain work skills which you don’t get by attending college or university.


Carly Shand

PR, Marketing & Events Officer
Real Trust, Rochdale

Carly has worked for the Real Trust for 2 years and enjoys the continual changing environment and variety of tasks that the role offers.  She enrolled on the level 4 Business & Administration Apprenticeship to support her own personal development and future career progression.

Her positive attitude and commitment to this qualification have enabled her to complete to a high standard and within timescale. For anyone considering a Higher Level Apprenticeship, Carly’s advice is to remain focussed, plan ahead and manage time effectively.

Float Glass

Float Glass has worked with Rochdale Training since January 2014, training many of its employees and recruiting Apprentices in Administration and Manufacturing teams. Several employees from the leadership team have also completed Management training which are designed for practicing middle managers and those aspiring to senior management who want to develop their core management skills.

Skills Advisor, Mark Whittaker from Rochdale Training said “Float Glass Industries have fully embraced training and given employees the opportunity to develop and grow into senior positions.”. 

As a result of the comprehensive training provided by Rochdale Training, employees of Float Glass have enjoyed promotions, pay rises and progressed to high levels of training. 

Front row left – right  Wayne Byrne, Mark Wadsworth, Lee Byron, Simon Sharples 
Back row left – right  Paul Malone, Trevor Hadfield

Paul Morris
Maintenance Electrician
Icopal, Manchester

Paul had over 27 years’ experience in the Engineering industry before joining Icopal in Trafford Park as a Maintenance Electrician. He had already completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Mechanical Fitting at the start of his career as well as achieving a Diploma in Electrical Engineering. He enrolled on an NVQ in Engineering Maintenance with Rochdale Training in 2014 to gain a formal qualification to demonstrate his competence in this field.  

Completing an NVQ has enabled Paul to increase his technical knowledge and practical skills. 

Paul’s contribution to Icopal is significant as he is now the lead maintenance engineer and has been recognised for his achievement and increased knowledge.  

Paul values the training he has done and recognises that training has been an essential part of his career development.   His advice to anyone undertaking an Apprenticeship or NVQ is to remain focussed and motivated, have an appreciation for the training and knowledge passed on by more experienced people in the industry and ensure commitment to the qualification. He also feels that time management is essential to maintain focus and direction. 

Rainbow Milly Whitaker

“I found out about Apprenticeships through Rochdale Training. When I was in school studying my GCSE’s I attended Rochdale Training and did an NVQ Level 1in Performing Engineering Operations, were I did Fitting, Fabrication and electronics. 

Enjoying doing my NVQ level 1 was the main influence on me making the choice of starting an Apprenticeship.  I didn’t want to go college and didn’t want to do something for the sake of it. The information given to me about Apprenticeships by Rochdale Training helped me to feel more confident about starting an Apprenticeship.  I am currently working towards NVQ level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations. 

This Apprenticeship has helped me to feel more confident that Engineering is my ideal career. I would like to widen my knowledge of Engineering and move into different fields such as Aeronautical Engineering. In the future I would like work towards higher levels such as the HNC and degree. 

I feel my attitude to training has improved as this is something I enjoy and would like to develop my understanding on. I’ve matured, I get paid to train and have got more independence. I am confident in

 dealing with people, and the Apprenticeship has prepared me to go into working world. 

The advice I would give future Apprentices is to be ready to learn new things and give 100% effort”.

Ruby Uddin
Rochdale Council 

At 18, Ruby decided to go to University, however after completing her first year and deciding it wasn’t for her, she came home and started a Business & Administration Apprenticeship with Rochdale Training. Ruby is employed by Rochdale Council and really enjoys her job.

Ruby comments “Going to University wasn’t something I was pressured into, but it’s something I just did. Now, doing this Apprenticeship I have been given me a whole new perspective on the workplace. Looking at my friends, they don’t have the experience or abilities that I do – and that’s what employers are looking for these days.” 

“Some of my friends have found it hard to get a job, so I’m quite lucky in that respect because through doing an Apprenticeship, I have a secure job. You must look what opportunities are out there because University isn’t your only option, and you don’t want to make the mistake that I did of doing something just because all your friends are.”